• Ford Releases Safety Assessment Report on Autonomous Vehicles

Ford Releases Safety Assessment Report on Autonomous Vehicles

A Matter of Trust

Avatar By: Russ Higgins August 24, 2018

As Ford pursues its goal of developing a self-driving vehicle for deployment in 2021, the company released a report that outlines its approach to autonomous vehicle development.

Mark Buzzell, President and CEO of Ford Canada hinted during an interview at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS-2018) on Ford’s commitment to Artificial Intelligence and Self Driving Cars. Now pen is to paper in a comprehensive report.

Ford is Investing in Artificial Intelligence for the Smart Future

The 44-page document, titled “A Matter of Trust,” details Ford’s approach and ranking of safety during its self-driving vehicle development, as well as how the company is working closely with industry and various government partners. Leading to how to apply the technology to solve the challenges our cities will face.

Report Highlights Include:

∙ Why Transportation Needs To Evolve
∙ What Our Self-Driving Vehicles Will Enable
∙ Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Driving Vehicles
∙ How Self-Driving Vehicles are Working with Argo AI
∙ How We Earn Trust
∙ Applying Safety Processes
∙ Communicating Intent: Developing A Self-Driving Language
∙ Delivery of the Future: Designing Self-Driving Vehicle Customer Experiences

Ford Releases Safety Assessment Report on Autonomous Vehicles

Sherif Marakby, president and CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, sent a letter accompanying the safety report to U.S Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. Further shaping Ford’s mission and guiding principles.  “Our goal is to give you a sense of the new services that will be available in the near future and how they could impact our lives.”

The letter also states “We’ve spent more than a century earning consumer trust by designing and building safe, quality vehicles, and we’re committed to preserving that trust in a future of self-driving vehicles.”

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