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Ford Offers Winch-Ready Snout for Ranger

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Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy October 31, 2019

Teaming up with a recognized third-party to beef up one’s truck offering is becoming something of a trend. Chevy partnered with AEV to create the Colorado ZR2 Bison, a mountain goat of a truck that can hang with the best of them. Seeing an opportunity, the Blue Oval have taken a page from their crosstown rivals and shacked up with ARB to develop components for the midsize Ranger.

Kicking off the relationship is this winch-capable front bumper to fit Ranger pickup trucks. The all-new bumper is said to accommodate a wide range of accessories while maintaining maximum functionality for off-road and overlanding. An integrated mount exists for winch installation, plus easy access to winch controls is available through the split centre pan. Mounting points and jacking points maximize off-road functionality and minimize headaches should one find themselves in a tough spot.

“For Ranger customers who want the ultimate adventure gear, a Ford Performance collaboration with ARB is a dream come true,” said Eric Cin, global director, Ford Vehicle Personalization and Accessories. “With 45 years of design and engineering experience in the overlanding and rock-crawling world, ARB is bringing additional options for Ranger customers looking to make their truck even more capable.”

The bumper is built from welded sheet steel up to 3/16ths of an inch thick, attaches to the truck using existing chassis mounting points and can be installed on any North American Ranger configuration. Specific details about any improvement to the truck’s approach angle compared to the stock bumper are not given but it will surely add a measure of burliness to the Ranger’s angle of attack given the bumper’s tapered ends.

Ranger Front Bumper

It is worth noting that this bumper maintains the truck’s original safety systems and sensors to enable the Ford Co-Pilot 360 suite of driver assist technologies. The available Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning still works as well. Ford says this bumper is the only aftermarket steel bumper available for Ranger that meets regulatory crash test standards.

A number of accessories are compatible with this new snout, including a variety of Warn winches and LED lightbars ranging from 6- to 30-inches in length. It’ll be available in 2020 through Ford dealers who will surely be all too happy to add its $1495 price to your five year note, a move that will also raise the Ranger’s average transaction price, and is warrantied by Ford Performance Parts.