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Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta

Brilliant treatment has tons of 'flavour,' zero calories

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You’ve always wanted to do it. You’ve said it a million times: “Man, I wish I could get my car wrapped in bacon …”

Well guess what? Someone was listening.

Yes, Ford is honouring both the little greasy strips of deliciousness and your wishes by introducing a bacon-wrapped 2014 Ford Fiesta.

As the popular hatch starts to hit dealerships, customers will have the chance to add custom bacon graphics to their brand-new small car. Timed to coincide with Saturday’s International Bacon Day, it’s meant as a quirky way to get customers thinking about personalizing their Fiesta.

They can opt for a “Side of Bacon” with two bacon strips wrapped over the rear wheel, “Bacon Racing Strips,” consisting of two racing car-inspired strips on the hood, and for the pork purists, the full “Bacon Wrap,” 10 massive strips of luscious bacon covering the entire car.

“It’s just awesome to drive down the road in a piece of bacon,” Liz Elser, Ford Fiesta’s U.S. marketing manager, notes.

You know who else thinks this idea is awesome? Well, Homer Simpson, obviously, but also Allan Benton, CEO of Benton’s Country Hams.

Benton issued a press release in which he noted: “This car just makes so much sense. In the 40 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve never seen so much interest in bacon.”

Customers who opt for the bacon treatment had better bring some cake: The full Bacon Wrap will cost $3,347, plus installation.

Two strips on the hood cost $191.25 costs plus installation, while the “Mini-strips” run $78.75.

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  • Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta
  • Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta
  • Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta
  • Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta
  • Ford debuts bacon-wrapped Fiesta

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