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Ford history: The race that started it all

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“Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” is a mantra that drove the auto industry for many years. While the sales numbers generated in the ’60s and ’70s as a result of NASCAR wins may have been substantial, Ford’s very existence is a result of winning a race.

In this video from Ford’s YouTube archive, Edsel B Ford II recounts the story of how his great-grandfather won his first and only race, at the wheel of a car he built himself. That win propelled Henry Ford onward to become one of the most important men in automotive history.

2012 Petit Le Mans at 2.7K/30 frames per second 

The GoPro camera is the one that started the whole action camera frenzy that is taking place on the market now. Small, lightweight, durable and able to be mounted anywhere, the GoPro changed the way we look at sports video. With a bevvy of competitors now available, the GoPro folks have just launched their new HERO3 platform with a host of new features, including the ability to film at 2.7K/30 frames per second, ensuring stunning levels of HD quality.

To showcase the new camera, GoPro mounted a bunch of these units to one of the Flying Lizard Porsches during the Petit Le Mans race earlier this Fall. Some of the footage shot is simply spectacular. Ride along with Patrick Long, Jorg Bergmeister and Patrick Pilet during their first practice laps. Be sure to turn up the volume, as the 911 sounds great!

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Bricks Alive: Fast Five Sweden Edition
I may not be Swedish, but I have long been a fan of Turbo Bricks, although I have never been as crazy as this guy I showed you back in July. It would seem that he isn’t the only crazy Volvo owner in Sweden. A bunch of Swedes got together to shoot their own version of Fast & Furious action, featuring mostly turbo Volvos. Giving a nod to the film series, there are a few BMWs and Nissans thrown in for good measure.

One thing is for sure, there is lots of tire smoke and some flaming exhaust to heat up this Swedish Night.

David Hobbs recovery at 1967 Canadian Grand Prix

Turn 2 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (nee Mosport) is considered one of the most difficult corners in all of racing and yet there is another turn that has had a habit of embarrassing more drivers over the years. Turn 10 leads on to the front straight, right in front of the pits, the media centre and many fans. Get it right and you have a great launch down the straight. Get it wrong and you end up driving backwards down the straight if you are lucky, or backing into the pit lane wall if you aren’t. Sometimes even the best get it wrong.

This great clip from the 1967 Canadian Grand Prix shows David Hobbs attempting to recover from getting it wrong. There are so many things to see here. First off, notice the armco barrier in front of the pits, and how far down the straight it starts. When Hobbs can’t quite get turned around, he is able to hop out and push the car back himself with little effort. Try that with today’s F1 cars! Then, as he drives off, Hobbs is bumping around in the car as he tries to get comfortable in the seat.

Free Poster: The Little Red Racing Car

I have been paying attention to the development of a wonderful new picture book called The Little Red Racing Car for some time now. Being created as a gift for artist Doug Knowlton’s son, the book follows a boy and his dad as they restore a barn find Maserati. Inspired by vintage Monaco Grand Prix posters, the book is sure to be a gem when it is complete some time next spring.

Knowlton has offered up a free, custom poster on the website for the project, just in time for Christmas. Just follow the link and then follow the instructions to add in your own text. Download the image and take it to your local printer to make your own wall art for the little gearhead (or big ones, too) in your house. While you are at it, be sure to follow The Little Red Racing Car on Facebook, as Knowlton regularly adds cool new art.

Introducing the Little Red Racing Car, V1 from dwightknowlton on Vimeo.

  • Ford history: The race that started it all
  • Ford history: The race that started it all
  • Ford history: The race that started it all
  • Ford history: The race that started it all

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