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Flying high in San Francisco with Ken Block

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Eat your heart out Det. Frank Bullitt, your assault on Lombard Street has been eclipsed!

As a master marketer, Ken Block and his creative team have done the nearly impossible with the Gymkhana series of web videos: they have created ads that viewers love and don’t look like ads.

For Gymkhana 5, Block quite literally took over downtown San Francisco like nobody has done since the ultimate car chase movie, Bullitt, was filmed. Like Steve McQueen, Block tears up Lombard Street at the wheel of a Ford. In Block’s case though, it isn’t a Mustang. It is a 650 horsepower, all wheel drive Fiesta. The smokey spinning tires and sideways drift action are exciting, but the massive air time Block gets on the legendary street is spectacular! Extreme sport superstar Travis Pastrana makes a cameo in this episode aboard a dirt bike, instead of the Segway riding guy that often appears in Gymkhana flicks.

San Francisco will never be the same!

  • Flying high in San Francisco with Ken Block

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