• bulletproof Bentayga

First Armoured Bentayga is a Canadian Build  

Enter Inkas armoured vehicles.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams August 30, 2019
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It’s the very first ballistic Bentley. A bulletproof Bentayga for transporting very important occupants. And the company who built it says that it’s the first one on the market.

Bentley’s Bentayga is a massive and massively powerful tribute to the luxury buyer. With more hides than a medium-sized ranch, more gadgets than an Inspector, and a forest’s worth of wood veneers. When you’ve reached a place where you can find yourself in a vehicle like this on a regular basis, you may also have found some threats to your personal safety.

Enter Inkas armoured vehicles. A Canadian company that designs and builds armoured cars, trucks, and SUVs. That includes vans for transporting cash and cannabis, but also full-on armoured personnel carriers. Then there are the more conventional (on the outside) vehicles. Luxury sedans, minivans, and the newest model, the Bentayga.

The Inkas Bentayga can have up to armour level BR6. What does that mean? How about it’ll stop 7.62mm assault rifle rounds. That’s an AK-47. It’ll also protect you from two grenade blasts going off underneath at the same time.

bulletproof Bentayga

bulletproof Bentayga

How does it do it? There’s ballistic protection (armour) everywhere. 360 degrees. Floor to roof passenger compartment protection. That includes multi-layer bulletproof glass, reinforced door hinges, and run-flat tires. Of course, there’s a reinforced suspension as well.

“We made use of Inkas’s innovative materials which are lightweight, but at the same time certified to all globally-recognized ballistic standards,” said CEO David Khazanski. “This vehicle successfully protects its passengers from assault rifles and grenades, but does not behave too differently on the road from an unarmored Bentayga.”

Optional extras include a fire suppression system, siren and PA intercom, emergency lights, and heavy-duty wheels. Plus the Bond gadgets you want on something like this like a smokescreen and electrified door handles. The best part is that even in photos, the extras are all but invisible. Safe and discreet. By Bentley standards, at least.

While heavier than a standard Bentayga, the 600 hp 6.0L W12 is still able to provide plenty of power. It’s also got a 48-volt active anti-roll bar system that should improve handling even with the added protection. And it’s got all the standard Bentley bits like 240-way adjustable seats.