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Ferrari detailing goes horribly awry

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A mobile detailing service in Britain has some explaining to do after they cleaned a client’s Italian sportscar within an inch of its life.

The Ferrari 458 Italia came back to its owner looking like they blew the grit out with an uzi.

According to Jalopnik, Nancy Atkinson Turner tweeted the photo on Wednesday, noting that a “valeter” (a Britishism for a mobile car detailer) she’s used before did this bit of damage to the 458 in the town of Portsmouth, England.

It is not, she notes, her car, but it was her detailer. “Was. WAS,” she adds wryly.

And in case you’re wondering how a detailing could go so horribly wrong, she tweets that they might have “taken traction off. It was slightly damp. Spun out.”

Well what’s done is done, but there are a couple of lessons we can learn from this:

  • Don’t get your car cleaned. Leave it dirty. It’s safer
  • If you must get your car cleaned, don’t go for the ‘explosive suds with tiny bomb-like bubbles’ option
  • If you’re a “valeter,” consider changing your name to “velveter” until this blows over. Stress that you use soft cloths only.

With files from Jalopnik

  • Ferrari detailing goes horribly awry
  • Ferrari detailing goes horribly awry

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