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Father smashes son's luxury car
in rush-hour dispute

Incident in captured on traffic cameras in China's Ma'anshan City

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A family feud turned ugly, and potentially deadly, in China’s Ma’anshan City when a father deliberately crashed into his son’s car.

The shocking episode, which played out in busy traffic, was captured on traffic cameras and shown on Chinese state television. It shows a father repeatedly crashing into his son’s car (video below).

In the footage, a dark Mercedes S-Class reportedly driven by the father veers into and then cuts off a red BMW Z4, driven by his son. When the BMW tries to escape, the driver of the Mercedes follows him, cuts him off and crashes into him full force.

Both men then get out of their vehicles, and the father whips off his belt and chases his son through traffic on foot.

Both men may face charges of dangerous driving and an investigation is underway, the U.K.’s Telegraph reports.

Chinese media are reporting that the vehicles were badly damaged, especially the BMW. Damage is estimated at about one million Yuan ($171,000).

Video: Father-son feud takes down two luxury cars

  • Father smashes son's luxury car<br> in rush-hour dispute
  • Father smashes son's luxury car<br> in rush-hour dispute

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