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'Drivin' drunk' Facebook update leads to teen’s arrest

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The Facebook status update pretty much sums up the character of 18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown.

“Drivin drunk … classsic. But to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry.”

The Astoria, Oregon, resident was reported to police by a friend who saw the teen’s update and rightly took issue with it.

Police visited Cox-Brown’s home and found a vehicle with damage that matched damage done to two other vehicles according to The Daily Astorian. Police have charged the man with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver.

Not surprisingly, the comments section of the original story indicate that this is not Jacob’s first incident of being drunk and stupid in public, as one commenter reports that “He and the friends in his Facebook picture broke into a duck shack, stole food and liquor, shot out a window and FELL ASLEEP IN THE DUCK SHACK!! They were awaken the next morning by the property owner and arrested!!”

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  • 'Drivin' drunk' Facebook update leads to teen’s arrest
  • 'Drivin' drunk' Facebook update leads to teen’s arrest

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