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Facebook page targets inept, inconsiderate parkers

Crudely named 'Parking Like a Tw*t' getting international attention for its mandate of shaming people who live up to its title

Ah, the good old days. When a person could park in the most outrageous manner imaginable and not be shamed the world over.

Remember those days? Well, they’re gone.

New websites keep cropping up to expose bad parkers, and it’s a little disconcerting to realize how many of those are out there.

The latest one, a U.K.-based Facebook page titled Parking Like a Tw*t, is getting a flood of submissions.

Launched less than a month ago, PLT is already establishing a name for itself as an “outer” of bad parkers, with a special place in its heart for police officers.

Its intro announces: “This group is dedicated to all the useless drivers who think they can park, but can’t … This group plans to shame you all! We plan to share your inability to park with the world! ”

It invites readers to submit photos of people who deserve to be shamed and also notes that if you spot a photo of yourself or your car on the Facebook page, “private message the group” and the photo will be removed.

The page has received more than 23,000 Likes. You can find the PLT Facebook page by clicking here (must be logged in to Facebook).

  • Facebook page targets inept, inconsiderate parkers
  • Facebook page targets inept, inconsiderate parkers FROM: W1 FEATURES (07881 952441). CARS PARKED BADLY ARE BEING SHAMED ON A FACEBOOK PAGE - "Spotted: Parking like a T***" See story KCPARKING

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