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Formula One headlines and NASCAR trucks at Old Mosport

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There were two announcements from NASCAR in recent days about the Camping World Truck Series.

One was that there would be a race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park next Labour Day and one that there would be a race at the half-mile dirt speedway in Ohio owned by Tony Stewart.

Guess which announcement has received the most attention south of the border?

The road-course race at Old Mosport isn’t even on the radar down there. Columnist after columnist and website after website are all full of the race at Eldora Speedway.

In all the stories, there is much talk about NASCAR returning to its short-track roots. There are sugggestions that the dirt race will be the first of many and that the focus of the truck series will start to shift back to what NASCAR once was: a small oval speedway racing series.

So this makes me wonder who will be driving those trucks next September when the series comes to Canada because I’m not sure a short-oval, dirt-track racer is going to be all that comfortable shifting gears and turning right while going up hill and down dale.

With NASCAR more and more becoming a “pay-driver series,” particularly when it comes to the trucks, I worry that many of the Camping World Series regulars might take a pass on CTMP and their owners rent their rides out to the highest bidder.

I mean, will Kyle Busch be here (he owns a team in the truck series and frequently drives)? Joe Nemechek? Todd Bodine? Series champion James Buescher?

Just wondering . . .

It looks as if – for the moment, anyway – Ferrari will drop the idea of appealing the finish of last weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix because of suspicions that Sebastian Vettel’s pass of Jean-Eric Vergne was illegal.

But then you see a headline like this – “Ferrari never intended to diminish Vettel’s victory” – and it really makes you wonder.

If that’s so, why did they bring it up in the first place? And who amongst us wants to bet that it won’t be brought up again? 

It’s bad enough during the racing season, but the off-season headlines and stories are often a joke.

Here’s a sampling.

“Force India seeking talent, not money” (Sure.)
“Ferrari says Vettel overtake matter is closed” (Ditto)
“Perez expects title in first year” (Is he crazy?)
“Webber will not play supporting role” (Wanna bet?)
We all know better, don’t we?
Have a great weekend.
  • Formula One headlines and NASCAR trucks at Old Mosport
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