Eye Candy: 1976 Corvette

'Plum Crazy' Vette went from basket case to beast

  • Eye Candy: 1976 Corvette

The car: 1976 Corvette coupe

The owner: Don Rose, Welland, ON.

The story: When Don bought this regal roadster in 1994, it was a “basket case.” And the colour! It was painted in the ’70s Chrysler’s vibrant “Plum Crazy” purple, which didn’t sit well with Don at all.

And then a funny thing happened.

After much buffing and waxing, the colour started to grow on him. Then it started getting compliments from others. And then, Don says, “a sales manager at the local Chev dealer asked me if it had a new paint job and that cinched it.”

Nine years later, the Vette is still “Plum Crazy,” except that Don has since added “Satin Black” parts accents to give it a head-turning, street machine look. “I think I was one of the pioneers of this paint scheme,” Don says.

The improvements continued, with many mods and add-ons to enhance its early Corvette Road Race car image, including replacing the original 350 L-48 motor with a High Deck 427 Rat Motor.

It’s now the apple, and the plum of Don’s eye and “a real beast in every sense of the word.”

Eye Candy: 1976 Corvette

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