Electric Test Drives at Toronto AutoShow

The BMW i3 will be one of 10 electric vehicles available to test drive by the public at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto from February 16-25.

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Jan 31, 2018 2 min. read

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The New Movement is the theme of this this year’s Canadian international AutoShow in Toronto, and in keeping with that, the show will offer free electric vehicle test drives to anyone attending this year’s show February 16-25.

Held at the downtown Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the only requirements are the person must be 21 and hold a valid driver’s licence.

Eight manufacturers of EVs – Nissan, BMW, Fiat-Chrysler, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Volvo – will display cars like the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 in the EVolution Zone while 10 automakers.

Those eight plus General Motors and Ford – will offer up cars for test drives in nearby special sections in both the convention centre’s North and South Buildings.

As well as the Leaf and the i3, other EVs available to test will include the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt, the Outlander PHEV, the Honda Clarity, the Volvo XC40, the Hyundai IONIQ and the Ford Focus Electric.

Visitors will find more than electric cars in the EVolution Zone.

Have you ever thought that bombing around on a Segway might be exciting? That’s a two-wheel EV you drive while standing up. Think the movie Mall Cop. And how about a Vespa electric motor scooter? Vespa will have a display there too.

The test drives, sponsored by Toronto Hydro, FLO (the AutoShow’s official EV charging network) and the Globe and Mail will be administered by the North York Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre’s Plug ‘n Drive program.

While the AutoShow will have a special emphasis on the new evolutionary technologies shaping the automotive industry, it will also continue – and plans to expand - its most popular feature focus displays showcasing more than 1,000 non-electric vehicles throughout the 650,000 sq. ft. of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Electric Test Drives

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