• 1995 Boatcar

Econoline, Meet Cabin Cruiser

This car-boat is strictly for the paved open seas.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 26, 2020

Not sure if you want a boat or a car? Why not both? Take a look at this 1995 Boatcar that started life as a Ford E-350 van before being turned into, well, we’re not entirely sure exactly what you see before you now.

The wheeled side is a Ford van, but the boat side started its life as a 24-foot Sea Ray cabin cruiser. Back then it could sleep four adults, but we don’t think it can do that anymore. Not in the cabin, at least, because where the berths once sat is most likely where the Ford V8 is sitting now. So you could sleep there, but it might be more than a little toasty inside.

According to the owner of this one, this contraption is “completely street legal,” at least in Georgia, where it is currently tagged. We have no idea what safety officials would think about that pointy nose, or is it still a bow? Either way, it’s a good thing this vehicle is easy to see when it’s coming down the road.

It even boasts working A/C, the seller says, though we’re not sure if that just means that you get cooling air from the fact that there’s no roof for the boat. You’re out in the elements come rain or shine or whatever else happens along with way. There are airbags, lights, seatbelts, and all the other fun safety equipment you expect for something that you can drive on the road.

1995 Boatcar

1995 Boatcar

The seller says that “whether you desire to have her for your family rides or to promote your business she will be noticed by thousands,” and well, it’s hard to argue against that. This one stands out in any crowd you can find, anywhere in the world.

It has new marine carpeting and vinyl, new paint, and one thing in common with the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé: Real teak decking around the rear.

Six months of work was needed to amalgamate the van and boat into this new creation, and the seller says it was just finished. We assume that means that they’ve moved on to other, more adventurous automotive and nautical pursuits.

The one thing you’re probably wondering about this: does it boat? No, sadly, the seller says that it does not float. This car-boat is strictly for the paved open seas. It’s for sale on eBay right now, and we’re reminded of the old nugget of wisdom for car-boat owners. The two best days for a car-boat owner are the day they buy it and the day they sell it.