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Dutch Designer Builds Range Rover Coupe JLR Was Afraid to

Best to wear your deck shoes in this Niels van Roij design Range Rover.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 13, 2020

The coolest versions of the original Range Rover were probably the three-door models. Like an off-road-ready giant coupe, these were actually the first factory Range Rovers, and it was built that way from launch in 1970 until 1981. But then it went away, with no more Range Rovers built that way, with the exception of the Evoque coupe, but that one is definitely no full-size Rover. If you, like us, miss that original three-door model and if you (unlike us) have a big cheque book, Niels van Roij Design has just the ticket. The Adventum Coupe, looking shockingly like the SV Coupe that Range Rover itself decided not to build.

Making a splash with the Model S Shooting Brake and the Ferrari 550-based Breadvan Hommage, Niels van Roij design has shown that it can build some stunning cars. This latest is set to see more mass production and likely has more mass appeal, and once again the designer is giving us a look inside the vehicle’s production.

Only the hood, fenders, and boot lid are shared with the stock car. From the A-pillars back, the body panels of the Range Rover-based Adventum Coupe were hand-hammered by Bas van Roomen, a restorer of classic sports cars and the one who made the panels of the Breadvan.

That’s meant significant changes inside, too, most notably the fitment of handmade teak flooring from the back of the front seats to the trunk. In the front too, are what look to be teak floor mats giving your shoes an exquisite experience behind the wheel. Best to wear your deck shoes here.

The Adventum Coupe

First to be built is a coupe in Arctic White with a red Nappa leather interior. It has piano lacquer trim and the rear bench has been replaced by captains chairs. The doors are black and red leather and Niels van Roij Design has added a second handle for rear seat passengers.

While that’s the first car, buyers of subsequent cars can specify theirs to almost any standard. The company suggests interior pinstriping matching your favourite suit, for example, and they can use tweed, teak, lambswool, and likely any other materials you can find. That goes to the outside, too, where multiple colour choices, unique fuel fillers, and other custom touches to the bodywork can be made.

The current Range Rover is an excellent shape, but this two-door version turns it to stunning, and credit to the designer for the rightness of the proportions here.

Powered by Range Rover’s 525 hp, 5.0L supercharged V8, the Adventum Coupe starts from €270,000 and goes up depending on your options. The company plans to make just 100 of the vehicles, with each taking approximately six months to fabricate.