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Driver learns that drag racing
works best when not in reverse

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The whole point of a drag race is to go forward really, really fast and beat your opponent.

Sounds simple enough, but apparently, not everyone is capable of understanding this concept.

Sometimes one just forgets their car is in the reverse gear.

Such was the case with the driver of this black Toyota pickup truck, as reported by Carbuzz.

After doing a pre-race burnout, the driver reversed to the starting point. And left the truck in reverse.

He evidently forgot about this all-important fact and took off in the wrong direction when the race began. The crowd can be heard laughing uproariously in the background, and no wonder.

Watch the damning video, below (although who among us has not forgotten we were in reverse once or twice? Show of hands?).

  • Driver learns that drag racing <br>works best when not in reverse

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