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Does Audi's Super Bowl 'Prom' ad go too far?

For its Super Bowl commercial, Audi went with an ad that told a story — and was inspired by viewers. The company’s 60-second ad featured an ending that was voted on by viewers prior
to the game.

In the ad, a boy gains confidence from driving his father’s Audi to the prom, kisses the prom queen once he arrives at the dance and gets decked by the prom
king. In the end, he drives back home with a smile on his face.

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The Audi mini-epic was a favorite of Super Bowl viewer Stephanie Bice, 39, a business development director in Oklahoma City.

“It was fun and whimsical,” Bice said.

But others weren’t so favourable. Twitter users likened the boy’s bold actions to sexual assault. “News flash to all men: Kissing someone without consent isn’t brave, no matter what @Audi says, it’s sexual assault. Do. Not. Do. That. Ever,” tweeted user @amaditalks.

Another Twitter user felt the ad was irresponsible on other levels as well. “Audi just seemed to encourage sexual assault, teen violence, and reckless driving all in one commercial. #hattrick,” said user @stepto.

Watch the ad below and comment. Do you think Audi’s ad goes too far?

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  • Does Audi's Super Bowl 'Prom' ad go too far?

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