Didn't want rust-proofing

Can a dealership force you to pay for rust protection even when you did not ask for it?


Can a dealership force you to pay for rust protection even when you did not ask for it? I purchased a new car from a Mississauga dealership about three weeks ago. Last week I got a bill in the mail for $800 for rust protection and seat protection. I never asked for it but when I looked at my bill of sale it was on there. My salesperson says we did speak about it. I have a warranty with them and I am afraid that they will not give me good service if I do not pay this bill.


That bill for the rust protection and interior cloth protection was sent to you in error by the parts department. However, I went over your bill of sale twice and unless I am missing something you have already paid the $800. I am told that you are a new valued customer and you will receive and continue to receive top-notch service with your new car. They have also asked me to extend to you your first two-oil changes for free – an $80 value.


I took my 2003 Ford truck into a body shop to have the passenger’s power window motor replaced. During the replacement they broke the window glass and they are telling me that it was cracked before they started to fix it and in the removal it broke. The window glass was not broken nor did I ever see a crack in the glass before I took the car in. They say I need to pay for the window before I pick up the truck. Can they hold my truck ransom for something they did wrong?


The body shop still claims that it was cracked on the lower right corner and that the body man showed it to the shop foreman before he started to work on it. That is where the body shop then went wrong. The foreman should have called you before they started to work on the truck and then there would not have been a problem. They claim they did try to reach you but were unsuccessful so the body man did the next best thing. He took a picture of the cracked glass before it was removed.

Unfortunately he never told the shop foreman about the picture before he spoke to you and this never came to light until I asked the foreman about it. They have that picture to show you.

I think it is very astute of the body man for taking the picture of the broken glass but I wonder when and why he took the picture and then never told anyone. However, they have found a used window glass so the cost is going to be much less since they are going to split the cost of the window glass with you. Also they are not going to charge you for the installation of the glass because it was partly removed when they were replacing the window motor.

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