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Death-defying drives you probably should never attempt

From the remote Dalton Highway to the 45 degree incline
of Waipio Road, these are the wildest roads in the universe

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There are plenty of places in the world where driving is a terrifying prospect.

Some, such as Cairo, Rome or New Delhi, are terrifying because of the complete disregard for any traffic laws or because the sheer volume of madcap traffic makes your head feel like it’s going to blow off.

But there are other places where it is the geography roads themselves that are the most terrifying part of the journey.

This video, featured on CarBuzz, is by no means a complete list of such roads, but it does give a pretty good cross section of different parts of the world.

There is a good chance that it will make you incredibly uncomfortable, but we’re pretty sure that was the aim of the video’s creator.

Just remember, pay attention on the road. Oh, and also, don’t look down, don’t brake too hard and for heaven’s sake, fasten your parachute. (It’ll be much more helpful than a seatbelt.)

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Video: We weren’t kidding about the parachute …

  • Death-defying drives you probably should never attempt

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