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Day 4 at Dakar brings challenges for lone Canadian

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The Dakar continues to lay a beating on the Canadian competitors, as the lone remaining ride, Patrick Beaule, had serious mechanical difficulties to deal with last night. Having had a stellar run on Stage 4, finishing in 57th place on stage, Beaule’s KTM began to falter at the beginning of the 429 km liaison (or transit) section. By 29 km in, the engine drew its last breath.

Good karma prevails at Dakar and Beaule was towed 400 km by an Italian rider who is out of the event. That’s right, a motorcycle towed another motorcycle 400 km! The Aldo Racing rider had brought every spare imaginable except for a very expensive engine, as they are usually quite reliable.

While waiting for Patrick’s return to the bivouac, the team was able to borrow an engine from a Dutch team. Once the rider arrived, team mechanic Jean-Francois Charlot set to work installing the new engine. Beaule is set to start at 9:19 a.m. local time.

Here is a quick video clip of the #154 on the road. The above image from Stage 4 is from Elka Suspension, one of Beaule’s sponsors.

Reporting on the rankings at Dakar continue to be sporadic. All morning I have tried to find standings for the cars, but the live ranking appears to be frozen with no results.

Robby Gordon turns turtle

Robby Gordon can always be counted on for a bit of excitement, regardless of what series he is racing in. Even in the Dakar, Gordon gets the fans and competitors alike. A couple of years ago, he incensed organizers and fellow competitors by applying the Baja technique of bumping a competitor from behind to get them to let him by.

This year, he would up the fans by jumping his Hummer across the starting line in Peru.

During yesterday’s stage, an unexpected jump landed the bright orange truck on its roof. With just minor damage, it is likely that Gordon will continue on today.

If you have been following along all week, you have seen that the Canadians have had their share of bad luck. Think you could do it? Think riding a bike or a quad might be fun? Check out the organizers top moments from Stage 4. Riding at The Dakar is no easy feat!

  • Day 4 at Dakar brings challenges for lone Canadian

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