Is your Dad a car guy? Take him to Yorkville for Father's Day

Roads in Yorkville will close to traffic as more than 100 exotic cars go on display to raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada on Father's Day.

  • Yorkville Father's Day

There is no shortage of car shows around the GTA. People with interesting cars love to get together to show off their hardware and to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

One such event, the Yorkville Exotic Car Show, takes place tomorrow, Father’s Day, in the Bloor-Yorkville area. Bloor St., known as the “Mink Mile” from Avenue Rd. to Bay St., will be closed off to non-exotic traffic for the day.

The Yorkville Exotic Car Show has particular significance for me, for a number of reasons.

First, yes, I am a father — four lovely kids, mostly thanks to their Mom …

Second, it raises money for Prostate Cancer Canada, prostate cancer being a disease that every male over the age of about 60 (yes, I know, hard to believe — ha, ha, ha …) has to be concerned about.

Personally, I am on what my doctor calls “active surveillance” — no symptoms or other issues to worry about, but it’s a way of circumventing the ridiculous situation that prostate cancer tests are not otherwise covered by OHIP. Why? You will have to ask your MPP. I mean, berate your MPP.

Third, this year’s show will include my Targa Newfoundland car, the Nissan Juke NISMO RS.

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It will be joined by perhaps the most eclectic collection of cars you can imagine.

Over 100 cars will be on display. Exotics like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren. The occasional vintage car. Custom cars of all shapes and sizes.

However, I must admit the current craze for matte-finished cars escapes me. We have spent about 125 years figuring out how to make cars look nice and shiny; these people spend eight grand making their cars look like somebody painted them with a broom.

But to each his or her own.

The key to this show is, if you are a car fancier, you will find something there that interests you.

The event runs rain or shine.

And, the price is right — as in, free, although you will be encouraged to toss a few loonies into the proffered pots.

Yorkville Father's Day

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