Cycling laws cut both ways

Cyclists need space when being passed, Your view, July 19

In response to Jeff Goss in last Saturday’s Star about cyclists needing space: what he failed to mention is that cyclists are “half pedestrian and half motor vehicle” most of the time.

Have you noticed that when they (on a bicycle) are standing at a light, they all of a sudden become pedestrians and cross against it?

Or sometimes they ride on the sidewalk or against traffic?

Being both a cyclist and automobile driver, I think we need to have rules that cyclists adhere to!

Then the automobiles would know how to give them room as well.

Patti Harris, Fort Erie, Ont.

If I drove my car, at bicycle speed, along a twisty hilly rural road (the kind preferred by cyclists in training) and expected traffic to follow me till it was safe to pass, I doubt I would get any respect either – not to mention the havoc I would cause and the tickets I would get for doing so.

We all need to be safe but if bicycles are vehicles with equal rights to the road, cyclists should be instructed to “protect” their lane by riding in the left tire track (on a two-lane highway), like motorcyclists are trained to do.

Jack Fuller, Singhampton

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