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Crazy Swede does burnout on a tow truck

When most normal (or perhaps mainstream is a better choice of words) people think of the days of square Volvos, they think of sensible, hum-drum

family cars. Fans of the brand on the other hand know that the Turbo Bricks were insanely quick when properly tuned and could do burnouts like

nobody’s business. Not that I’m encouraging such hoonage mind you, but my old ’82 242 Turbo would make quick work of a Fox bodied Mustang GT.

Swedish Brick fans tend to go a bit further than we might see here in North America, as witnessed by this video of a 740 Turbo that is strapped to

the back of a flatbed tow truck. It is all in good fun, although they might have thought about putting on the show on a closed road!

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