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Crazy drivers take road rage to a new level

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There aren’t many drivers who haven’t flipped the bird to a fellow motorist in a time of frustration. The scary thing about that simple action though is that you never know just how stable the other driver is. You never know if that driver is on the edge of having nothing to lose and your simple gesture might just provide that extra nudge needed to make them snap.

In this Russian dash cam video, a line of cars is patiently waiting to turn left at a light, when a taxi comes barreling up the middle lane and attempts to turn left in front of them. A Lada Niva driver holds his ground, as does the driver of the camera car. The taxi driver then pulls in front and stops, pulls out of his car and pulls a baseball bat from his trunk. Meanwhile, the camera guy appears in the frame holding an axe. Fortunately, all the two exchanged were words, but it just goes to show how easily a simple traffic incident can turn bad.

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