Mystery Corvette driver
goes for 'epic fail' record

Man puts his C5 through spins, burnouts and an apparent hit-and-run

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A video showing a Corvette driver showing off within an inch of his life as he leaves a car show is lighting up YouTube and prompting shocked comments on websites from to Jalopnik.

The video, titled “Craven Performance Corvette fail,” shows a man make just about every stupid and dangerous mistake you can make in a hyped-up performance car. He starts by revving his wheels, peeling into a busy street and doing a burnout, follows that up with an engine-gunning 180-degree spin garnished with a centre-line crossing loss of control and then finishes with what looks (and sounds) like a sideswipe of an oncoming truck before speeding off.

Or, as one onlooker whoops in the background, “Whoo! That’s a hit-and-run, baby!”

It’s unclear where the video was filmed (although it appears to be Houston, Texas), but it’s probably only a matter of time before police are tipped off and investigate.

Watch the video, below, to see a driver who is clearly overpowered by his own car.

  • Mystery Corvette driver <br>goes for 'epic fail' record

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