INSIDER REPORT: Corvette driver crashes before reaching starting line

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Most real driving enthusiasts will agree that “take it to the track” is one of the most important messages to get across to aspiring racers. The guy in the video below has done just that. This guy has made an effort to do everything right, get a helmet, head to the track and lay down some wicked times. Except that it isn’t always quite as easy as many people think. It would be easy to make fun of the guy as being inept, but the truth is that he is trying to do it right. Just think what this story would look like if this had happened as the guy launched his ‘Vette from a light in your home town!

A drift machine with just 17 horsepower on tap

When most people think of drifting, visions of big horsepower, gratuitous smoke and shrieking exhaust come to mind. An all electric city car is not a car we’d expect to see hanging the tail out. The lads at Autocar realized that the 17 horsepower Renault Twizy platform was developed by the team at RenaultSport and just might drift. With rear wheel drive and lots of steering angle, the Twizy is a natural provided the “road” offers no grip whatsoever. This video could start a new craze: Mall Drifting!

Video: 2012 Gasser Reunion Gasser Madness

Growing up in a sports car family in Willowdale, I wasn’t exposed to much drag racing except for what I saw on the tube. From TV I learned the names Don Garlits, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Shirley Muldowney. I loved to watch the outrageous dragsters and funny cars, but I saw little else of drag racing culture. In recent years, I have become increasingly addicted to the kool that oozes from the nostalgic drag racing scene. Most significantly, the style of the Gasser classes is something that I can’t get enough of. The folks at Drag Strip Riot have put together this uber kool compilation of action from the 1th Annual Gasser Magazine Gasser Reunion at Beaver Springs Dragway in Pennsylvania. These folks know how to burn some serious rubber!

  • INSIDER REPORT: Corvette driver crashes before reaching starting line

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