Chrysler Sponsors Sesame Street

Chrysler is helping find the way to Sesame Street as it becomes a sponsor of the popular PBS TV show.

  • Sesame Street

Chrysler has announced it is now a sponsor and supporter of “Sesame Street,” a commitment that includes supporting the show on PBS and new original content on Chrysler’s digital platforms.

“Partnering with Chrysler will help us extend our reach in new and creative ways, and support Sesame Workshop’s nonprofit mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder,” said Steve Youngwood, COO of Sesame Workshop. “We’re thrilled to work with a brand that stands for a deep commitment to families and children.”

In addition to sponsoring the show on PBS, Chrysler is creating a multimedia campaign that will pair Sesame characters and the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid in 10 co-branded videos for parents.

Sesame Street

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