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Celebrity Whips: Guess what billionaire Mark Zuckerberg drives to work?

Facebook CEO can have his pick of cars, and he picks a VW hatchback

Ever daydream about what you’d choose for your daily driver if you were a billionaire?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have to dream about it, he’s living it. He’s 29 years old and worth in the region of $20 billion, meaning he has more personal wealth than some small countries. So what do you think he chooses to drive to work every day?

A Bugatti Veyron, perhaps, or a Pagani Huayra? That’s a bit brash for a guy who wears hoodies to speak to world leaders.

Something naughty from AMG or BMW’s M Division, maybe?

Nope, sorry. Try again.

Zuckerberg is known for having an eco-conscience (and being just a bit of a techie) so a Tesla Model S would fit the bill nicely. Right?

Wrong again.

In fact, the Facebook boss drives a VW Golf GTI. CarBuzz notes that a recent story in the Wall Street Journal said the GTI is black and comes with an adrenalin-guzzling manual transmission. Which is the correct way to spec your GTI. Zuckerberg used to dart around in an Acura TSX (which is nice, but like the Golf, it hardly screams “billionaire”), which we assume has become his weekend cruiser.

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