Casil Motors Upgrading and Restoring Ferrari 328s 

Just 30 will be built, getting 288 GTO-inspired bodywork, upgraded suspensions, and more power.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Apr 4, 2019 2 min. read

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It may have started with Singer's reimagined classic Porsches, or Icon's handcrafted Toyota Land Cruisers, but the luxury "better than new" restoration is entering full-on boom status. Not that we mind that in any way. The latest is this, from Casil Motors. Restored to better than new Ferrari 328s.

The company is calling the cars the BB3X8 FDP, for Fuorilegge Development Program. Just 30 will be built, getting 288 GTO-inspired bodywork, upgraded suspensions, and more power.

We'll start with the engine. The 3.2L V8 has been extensively modified. Individual throttle bodies look amazing and are functional. Providing quicker response. The Bosch fuel injection gets a modern tune to help optimize that part of the system. The exhaust system, including the headers, are all-new and are crafted to look like those of Ferrari's 308GTB rally cars. All in, the updates give the new cars 400 hp at a sky-high 9,200 rpm. That's 130 hp more than it made from the factory.

Those widebody panels are made from a carbon-kevlar composite. The new bits include the front fenders and bumper, hood, rear bumper, rear quarters, and more. The Targa top is replaced with a carbon-kevlar piece as well. Gone are the stock louvered side windows, replaced with an all-glass version. It makes the car look delightfully like a 288 GTO.

Inside, the buyer can pick and choose the materials and colours they would like. Alcantara or leather? Sure. Modern Bride carbon seats with a 1970s look? Absolutely. They'll also add a roll bar that's powder coated to match the wheels. Though you can probably get that trimmed out however you would like. They'll even powder coat bits like the wipers and seat brackets to match.

Casil Motors Ferrari BB3X8

Casil Motors Ferrari BB3X8

The suspension has been converted to a custom air ride system. With JRZ struts and custom-built subframes. The car was converted to air ride because Casil says the subframes of the car are lower than the rocker panels. That means that the subframes would bottom out "during spirited drives." The air ride gives it the desired stance when parked, but also keeps the BB3X8 off of the pavement when it's hauling.

The wheels are 17 and 18-inch models, built by Rotiform with a design specifically for this car. They're inspired by the 330 P3 with a finish inspired by that car's post-race wheels.

It's probably the coolest-looking 328 we've ever seen. But Casil isn't saying just how much this special will cost.

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