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Car show ‘saves men's lives'

Jim Kenzie's Targa Newfoundland Mini among hundreds of cars on display, along with free PSA tests, at fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Network Canada.

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There are lots of car shows, with several going on just about every weekend in the GTA. But there’s only one I know of that bills itself as “The Car Show that Saves Men’s Lives.”

It is put on by the Brampton chapter of Prostate Cancer Network Canada. Given the amount of gray hair you see at most car shows, it seems like a perfect fit.

The show will run Sunday, Sept. 9, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Rd. S., in Brampton between Derry Rd. and Steeles Ave. The entry fee is $5.

Among the many unusual aspects of this show is this: they will conduct free PSA tests on the spot for men over 40. If you’re interested in the test, check out the requirements first at For starters, you must have a note from your doctor.

Most of the volunteers at the show are prostate cancer survivors, so if you have any questions about this serious health issue, here’s your chance.

Paul Henshall, who was my navigator at the recent Mini Monte Rally, says the only criteria for entry as an exhibitor is that the car be “clean, loud, or preferably both.”

One such candidate will be the Mini Challenge race car that has been my Targa Newfoundland ride for the past three years, in which my navigator, Brian Bourbonniere, and I won our third Open Division championship in 2010.

Why will this car be at the Brampton show instead of at Targa? Well, unless you’re Ferrari, factory rides always eventually disappear, and Mini decided not to return to Newfoundland this year.

Our loss is your gain — you’ll get to see this car up close, along with 300 other clean and noisy cars.

It’s going to be fun, and you might help save a life. Maybe even your own.

  • Car show ‘saves men's lives'

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