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Bugatti Divo Deliveries to Begin

Bugatti has announced deliveries of the 1,500 hp Divo will commence

Avatar By: Wheels.ca April 28, 2020

After two years of development, the Bugatti Divo hyper sports car will be delivered to customers starting this year

Exceptionally crafted, striking in character, strictly limited and with completely different handling performance – this is an entirely unique project: the Divo is truly one of the most breathtaking and exclusive hyper sports cars of modern times.

After a rigorous two-year development period, the first models of the coveted small series are now being delivered to customers. A look back at the challenging process of technical development.

Bugatti will build only 40 of the unique Divo – at a net unit price of five million euros.

Not surprisingly, the technology inside this agile performer is remarkable: it is powered by the 1,500 hp 8.0-litre W16 engine which accelerates the Divo from 0-100 km/h in 2.4 seconds.

Bugatti Divo

But the journey to get to this point – and beyond – has confronted the entire team with major challenges. After extensive computer simulations, the first prototype completed its first test kilometres about a year after the project started.

From the simulation, the engineers know the exact axle load data and can use these figures to design the chassis setup, including the appropriate spring rate. After this, the parameters for damper control are adjusted in small stages in combination with the wheel camber and the re-tuning of the steering system.

The engineers have made full use of the weight reduction to increase downforce, going to the limit of the tire load capacity. This gives the Divo 90 kg more downforce, increasing this to 456 kg at 380 km/h.

The result: significantly higher cornering speeds. All in all, the lateral acceleration of the Divo is increased to 1.6 g.