Bugatti opens Toronto showroom with new brand design.

All in all, Bugatti currently has 34 dealers in 17 countries, including two in Canada.

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Bugatti has a new address in Toronto.

The French super sports car brand’s sales partner in the East of Canada, Grand Touring Automobiles, recently inaugurated a new showroom with the new CI design developed by Bugatti for its dealers.

Work is in progress on further showrooms in North America with the new brand design.

All in all, Bugatti currently has 34 dealers in 17 countries, including two in Canada.

Grand Touring Automobiles’ history purchased nine years ago by current ownership.

The company currently represents eight automobile brands, including a number of renowned premium and luxury marques. Grand Touring Automobiles has been Bugatti’s official dealer partner in the East of Canada since 2013.

Paul Cummings, dealer principal and CEO, emphasized his company’s pride in representing Bugatti, “Our team is very proud that we have been able to open this brand-new showroom which is devoted entirely to Bugatti.

“It is a special honour for us to receive our demanding customers and other guests here. With the new Chiron, Bugatti has once again confirmed its undisputed mastery.

Bugatti opens Toronto showroom

Bugatti Toronto will be at home at 777 Dundas St. E. in a showroom with an area of 785 sq ft.

A sweeping white brand wall with adaptable background lighting dominated by a radiant Bugatti macaron sets the scene for the lounge area.

Product information and presentations as well as highlights from the history of the Bugatti marque can be called up on a horizontal communication strip running along the wall.

In addition, customers can configure their new Bugatti here. The whole system can be controlled intuitively from an iPad or tablet.

The lounge features furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection designed especially for the brand’s new showrooms.

The customized, authentically shaped armchairs are made from the finest leather and blue exposed carbon fibre with high-grade materials and workmanship like those used for a Chiron. The sides are decorated by the EB logo.

There is also a heritage section devoted to the Bugatti brand values.

Bugatti opens Toronto showroom

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