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Bollinger Shows First B1 Four-Door Photo

Bollinger has released this sketch of its upcoming four-door all-electric SUV.

  • Bollinger Motors

Bollinger Motors has revealed the first image of the four-door version of its B1 all-electric sport utility truck.

The sketch also shows off a new orange exterior color which will also be available at launch.

Adding the tow doors creates a new overall vehicle length of 159 inches and new wheelbase of 114 inches.

While the truck will have the same class-leading ground clearance (15.5 in), adjustable wheel travel (+5/-5 in), approach (56) and departure angles (53) it will have a new breakover angle of 31 degrees.

The lengthier vehicle now provides an additional six cu ft of cargo volume for a total of 101 cu ft.

Both the two- and four-door variants will have the same battery options available of either 60 kWh or 100 kWh.

Engineering the B1 to production is underway and additional specifications and information will be made available in future announcements.

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