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BMW envisions its motorcycle of the future

BMW introduces its radical new concept for the motorcycle of the future.

  • BMW vision 100

The motorcycle as we know it has seen little change in the 100 + years that it has existed. The formula seems simple enough—two wheels, motor in the middle, rider on top.

Although used in many parts of the world as cheap, quick and efficient transportation—its reputation for safety is not stellar. After all, a rider is completely exposed to the elements, and apart from gearing up with leathers and a helmet, has no real protection in collisions or accidents.

There really has been little change until now—with the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100. Yes that’s a bit of a mouthful, but the bike itself is amazing.



BMW R23 heritage


The styling harks back to the first ever BMW motorcycle the R23, and being this is the latest and greatest, it’s fitting that the heritage has remained. The surfaces of the bike are arranged for optimal airflow and can offer good weather protection without the need of windscreens or fairings.

Electric drive

As with most new vehicles today, this bike will be powered by electrons and generates 0 emissions.


Probably the coolest feature on this bike is that it’s self-balancing. It doesn’t need a kick-stand and should be a cinch for beginners to ride. The bike of the future will not fall over and should make dropping your bike a thing of the past—not to mention eliminating injuries from falls.

Data Glasses

motorrad vision

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Data Glass

Reminiscent of Google Glass (remember those), these virtual headsets integrated into a visor will be the main line of communication between rider and bike. The headset is designed to operate as seamlessly as possible with minimal distraction to the rider, as when looking straight ahead—the display remains blank. Looking up activates a rear-view mirror, looking down opens a selectable menu and map functions.

BMW says that this bike, which doesn’t have suspension and steers by way of a flexible frame is so advanced and so safe that conventional safety gear and helmets are not required.

Bold claims indeed, but it just might be possible on the roads of the future.

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