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Bid Fast, Bid Furious, Fast & Furious Live Selling Fleet of Cars

There is a load of cool cars up for grabs.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams January 11, 2019
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More than you can afford, pal. More than 40 vehicles used in the Fast & Furious Live show, including some that were actually on-screen in the movies are going up for auction.

The Fast & Furious Live tour opened in Europe last year. It was intended to bring the cars and action of the series to you. In arenas. Think of it like Disney on Ice, but with cars and tire smoke. And instead of the characters you know, like Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto, there were new characters.

It was supposed to come to North America this year, but a poor reception, which was probably accompanied by low ticket sales, meant that the tour was cancelled last summer.

No more tour leads to receivership. Which means that a whole load of the cars are being sent to auction online.

There is a load of cool cars up for grabs. Like the Ramp Car from Fast & Furious 6. Other ones you might recognize include the green Eclipse from the first film, that famous orange Supra, and of course Dodge Chargers. Loads of Dodge Chargers. With different levels of equipment including one with a Chevy V8 and one with a hydraulic lift system that lets it do wheelies.

Fast & Furious Live

Fast & Furious Live

Fast & Furious Live

Some of these cars are even the real ones used in the films. Like that Ramp Car, and a 370Z from Tokyo Drift. There’s also a host of officially licensed replicas and even some new to the series vehicles.

Oh, and remember that Lamborghini that Tyrese’s character Roman Pearce wanted so badly to drive in the last film? Turns out it’s actually powered by a Jaguar V6 and uses a Boxster transmission. Whoops.

Don’t expect many of these cars, especially those tanks, to be road legal. Not even the helium-filled flying Imprezza drone. But they’d still look cool in any collection.

If you’re not interested in a car from the series, the fake buildings and false water tower might be of interest. Or have you ever wanted a crate containing “approximately 420 Flat Pack Foam Missiles with Various Propellers & Spare Parts?” Because if you have, and we know we’re interested now, then that’s up for grabs too. Along with loads of air compressors and a suitably large quantity of bodywork tools. Exactly what you need to keep that gang in running shape.

Fast & Furious Live

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