• New Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Shows Off Ultimate Luxury with New Flying Spur

The first time that Bentley has mounted the retractable flying B mascot on a modern model.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams June 11, 2019

Celebrities, plutocrats, and Uber drivers whose net worth really surpasses their understanding of economics, your new cabin is here. It’s the all-new Bentley Flying Spur, delivering luxury accommodations, effortless power, improved maneuverability, and a “retractable flying B.”

That’s right, a retractable flying B. The first time that Bentley has mounted the mascot on a modern model. The bewinged B that once protruded from the nose of every Bentley has made its triumphant return. And like the Spirit of Ecstasy that adorns the nose of models from former partners and now arch rivals Rolls-Royce, it is pedestrian friendly. That B, restyled to mark the automaker’s centenary and much more visually appealing than older versions, will retract into the nose of the car for the safety of the mascot and pedestrians.

Of course, there’s more to this limousine than just chrome trim on the nose. Like the fender vents that also happen to resemble a flying B. Ok, we’ll move on.

The new Flying Spur rides on a new platform. It’s a chassis with a mix of aluminum and high-strength steel that grows the wheelbase by 130mm compared with the last car to add more room for rear passengers. Bentley says it offers up best-in-class stiffness, and that contributes to a quiet interior and smooth ride.

New Bentley Flying Spur

Wafting the Flying Spur down the road is a twin-turbo 6.0L W12. 626 hp and 664 lb-ft can move your back seat passenger from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Oddly for a Bentley sedan, it gets an active exhaust that can not only change the amount of sound but is designed to make it quieter for back seat passengers than the front.

Rear wheel steering is new to the Flying Spur. It’s intended to improve stability on the highway and help make this 5.3-metre long car more manoeuvrable in town. Bentley has increased the air spring volume by 60 percent, allowing for a wider range of changes in stiffness. Continuous damping control gives, you guessed it, continuous control over the suspension damping for an improved ride. There’s also a 48-volt powered variable anti-roll bar.

But inside is where the Flying Spur truly can shine. Starting with the rotating center console panel that can flip from analogue dials to a 12.3-inch digital dash to gorgeous bespoke veneer that Bentley says offers “a complete digital detox”. A new panoramic glass sunroof is available and it stretches the full length of the roof.

There are 15 colours of hide available standard, and wood veneers, including a new crown cut walnut option, that stretch from the dash into the doors. The traditional Bentley vents have been replaced with a new design, with bronze detailing for the clock and switches.

New Bentley Flying Spur


New Bentley Flying Spur New Bentley Flying Spur

A three-dimensional quilting comes on the leather door cards. Bentley says it’s the first time that finish has been used in a car. All-new seats offer heating, ventilation, massage, adjustable bolsters, and are probably more comfortable than anything in your house. The same goes in the back where there is also a folding center armrest.

While Bentley offers a standard 10-speaker audio system, there’s a Bang & Olufsen 1,500 watt option. But that’s not the one you want either. Instead, pick the Naim for Bentley 2,200 watt 19-speaker system to make sure that you’ve turned the tomb-like Flying Spur into a better sound stage than most clubs.