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Bentley Number 1 Celebrates Classic Blower with New Details, Small Piece of Original

The new Continental GT Convertible

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams June 29, 2019

Bentley’s 100th-anniversary celebration is continuing. This time with a Continental GT Convertible based on car number 1.

No, not the first ever car from Bentley, it’s the Bentley Blower No.1. The 4 1/2 Litre Bentley that was fitted with a supercharger by Bentley Boy Sir Henry Birkin to give the car enough power to win races in 1929. The car set records at Brookland racetrack, and Bentley calls it a symbol of the company’s heritage.

The Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner is meant as a modern interpretation of that car. Loaded with details taken from the original and limited to 100 copies to reflect 100 years of the automaker.

It starts with the W12 version of the Conti GT. 6.0L, lots of turbochargers. Bentley calls it an enhanced version of the engine, but doesn’t say if that means more than the standard 626 hp with 664 lb-ft of torque. The automaker also says that the engine “provides exhilarating and agile performance” just like the Blower of 1929. But while that Blower Bentley’s 4.4L inline four’s 242 hp is eclipsed by the modern car, we doubt that even the open-top convertible gives as much “exhilarating” performance as the original.

The Number 1 Edition will come in two colours. Dragon Red II or Beluga for the exterior. Plus you can have the roof in Claret or Beluga. It’s fitted with Bentley’s Black Line spec trim, and has a carbon fibre body kit, but the standout detail on the exterior will be the big gold 1 in the nose. To match the original car. It’s painted in gold, but the No. 1 fender badges are 18 carat plated.

Continental GT Convertible Continental GT Convertible

Inside, there’s a colour split of Cricket Ball or Beluga hide with Heritage hide on the seats and door pads. With gold plated organ stop switchgear on black wood veneer. There’s a Number 1 sill plate commemorating the special edition as well as indicating Bentley’s centenary.

On the dashboard, there is a Jaeger clock with a Number 1 face , The car incorporates Engine Spin, also known as Turned Aluminum, detailing on the center console and up to the media buttons on the center stack. The circular detailing was a popular finish on racecars back in the day.

Finally, in the triangular rotating center display area, Bentley as added a showcase for a miniature wheel spinner. Each one is cast from a piston taken from the real Number 1, when that car was being restored in the past.

Bentley says that after a string of special 100th-anniversary cars, this is the last it’s planning to offer.