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Bengal tiger comes along for ride on African safari

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This isn’t likely a thing that many of us will ever have to know how to handle, but if a 600-pound Bengal tiger ever jumps onto the roof of your safari vehicle and just hangs out there for a while, this video, below, demonstrates how you should react.

Except that this is not how most of us would ever actually be able to react.

In fact the level of calmness exhibited by the people in this video, profiled on msn NOW, is arguably the strangest part of this video. The second-strangest part would be that the driver of the vehicle keeps his arm out of the window and within eyeshot of the tiger at all times, while children look on from another vehicle.

The third-strangest part is that there is a 600-pound tiger lolling on top of this vehicle.

The incident happened at John Varty’s tiger sanctuary in South Africa.

That would be the same John Varty who was mauled within an inch of his life by one of his Bengal tigers barely one year ago. Varty, a radical wildlife conservationist who calls himself “the tiger whisperer,” had to be rushed to hospital with multiple puncture wounds all over his body.

He survived the attack but apparently has not thought it necessary to subsequently issue a memo reminding staff that, should one of these tigers jump onto the hood of their safari vehicle, they should either close the windows or at least register the tiniest bit of heart-stopping terror.

Video: Oh, that? That’s just a killing machine whose paw is the size of my head.

  • Bengal tiger comes along for ride on African safari

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