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Bees Help Ford Develop Paper Cargo Shelf

Bees and recycled paper are the secret to a super-strong design that helps the all-new Ford EcoSport to keep driver valuables hidden and safe on the road.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca January 9, 2018
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The humble beehive has inspired engineers to develop the “ Honeycomb Shelf ” – a lightweight, secret cargo shelf that can support 100 times its own weight, a strength-to-weight-ratio stronger than steel.

Coming to Canada later this this, it was developed for the all-new Ford EcoSport SUV and designed to conceal valuables that may be fragile.

The adjustable shelf can support loads of more than 300 kg – heavier than three average adult men, even wearing full beekeeping kit – but weighing less than three kg.

To create the “ Honeycomb Shelf ”, engineers sandwiched a layer of honeycomb-like cells consisting of recycled paper and a water-based glue between two layers of light and durable fibreglass.

The lightweight solution also benefits fuel efficiency.

Honeycomb Shelf

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