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Auto Know: Police speedometers must be accurate

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

Q: Do police ever check their speedometer accuracy?

A: When police pace a vehicle and issue a speeding ticket, they must then verify their cruiser speedometer’s accuracy using a tested radar unit run by a qualified radar operator. They’ll need to testify to all this in court in order to support their case.

Q: I saw a car with headlights that were definitely yellow in colour. Is this legal? What about headlights which give off a bluish or greenish tint?

A: Section 62 of the Highway Traffic Act requires that all motor vehicles except motorcycles must have two front headlights (one on each side) that cast a white or amber light to the front, when operated from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise or whenever visibility is less than 150 m. Therefore, the amber headlights you spotted are legal.

Motorcycles must have a single white headlight on at all times when on the road, unless manufactured prior to 1970, in which case the headlight is only legally required to be on at the times noted above.

The greenish or bluish headlights you mention give off a primarily white light. In any case, any tickets issued would be at police discretion and subject to interpretation by the courts.

Information above is of a general nature only. For legal advice, consult a lawyer or paralegal qualified in this area of law.

  • Auto Know: Police speedometers must be accurate
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