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Auto Detailing Restores Pride of Ownership

Car owners are recognizing the importance of detailing in maintaining the value of their vehicles.

  • Auto Detailing Vacuuming

When car owners drive a new vehicle off a dealership lot, they feel pride of ownership and they genuinely enjoy the driving experience.

That good feeling can last months, if not years.

Nevertheless, that sense of pride can become lost, as vehicles accumulate dust, dirt, mould, and debris. When a car starts looking the worse for wear, it becomes devalued.

Car owners can spend a lot of money on their vehicles, and yet they often neglect the most basic care and maintenance.

Automotive detailing is a readily accessible service that can increase a vehicle’s value and restore pride of ownership.

It is a thorough procedure that can include hand washing the interior and exterior, cleaning the wheels, tires and windows, vacuuming the trunk, shampooing the mats and carpets, applying a wax polish by hand, washing the underbody, and more.

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A vehicle’s interior is comprised of many materials, such as leather, vinyl, fabrics and plastics, all of which will attract dirt and grime over time. A professional detailer knows what type of cleaning applications work best on different interior surfaces.

Vacuuming is another part of auto detailing that can make a big difference in a vehicle’s appearance, and for hygienic reasons. It’s easy for food, crumbs and dirt to build up in hard-to-reach places, which, if left uncleaned, could lead to allergic reactions for drivers and passengers.\

Auto Detailing Vacuuming

Auto detailing can transform a vehicle into something bright, shining and almost new again, and also protect it from the elements.

A popular misconception is that a vehicle’s ‘clear coat’ (the top layer of paint from the manufacturer) protects the exterior finish, so that regular maintenance is not required. Not true. A wax coat should be applied at least biannually to the painted surfaces to protect the finish from contaminants and oxidation.

Having a vehicle detailed could serve as an opportunity to address minor problems that could become serious. For instance, maybe there is a small crack in a windshield that you’ve been avoiding, or a windshield wiper blade that needs replacing.

A new-car dealership can fix those problems quickly and easily when they are detailing your vehicle.

Most new-car dealers in Ontario offer professional auto detailing services, available on all categories of vehicles, from sedans and sport coupes to SUVs and pickups. Some dealers perform the work on-site; others outsource it to nearby detailing shops.

Basic auto detailing costs about $100 to $200. More elaborate services are available for hundreds of dollars, but basic detailing services are very affordable.

In the past decade, there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of auto detailing. Car owners are recognizing the importance of detailing in maintaining the value of their vehicles and because of how it makes them feel about their vehicles.

As a dealer, I know how important detailing is to selling cars. Every new vehicle that arrives from the manufacturer to my dealership is detailed before our customer drives it away.

Conversely, whenever we accept a vehicle on trade, it is fully detailed before it is offered for sale to the public or at an auto auction.

If you are driving a car that could use some tender loving care, treat it and yourself to a detailing service. Now is a good time to restore that pride of ownership with auto detailing services — just before the colder temperatures (and snowfall) arrive.

You will appreciate how a modest investment can improve your car’s appearance and boost your mood. We all know that a clean car always drives better!

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This column represents the views and values of the TADA. Write to [email protected] or go to Larry Lantz is president of the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association and is a new-car dealer in Hanover, Ont.

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