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Duelling Spocks light up Audi ad

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Audi has taken mashups to the next level with a new ad that’s part car marketing, part movie marketing, part product placement and all Trekkie worship.

The ad features original Spock Leonard Nimoy facing off against new Spock Zachary Quinto, who takes over the role in the new movie series, in a spot called The Challenge.

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As the two engage in a “gentlemanly” but increasingly tense battle of wits and cars, a clear winner soon emerges: Audi.

Fans of Star Trek will get the oodles of clever references woven into the script, others will appreciate the wry humour and the sneak peek ending. It’s a great example of the new wave of advertising, and it comes just in time to hype the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie, opening May 17.

See the video below, and watch for the cameo at the end by Audi’s driverless car – the autonomous TTS that climbed Pikes Peak..

  • Duelling Spocks light up Audi ad

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