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Audi A8 driver destroys his own car
in a fit of rage

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A frustrated driver has become the poster boy for anger-management classes after being caught on video giving his expensive car a public thrashing because it didn’t know how to stop him from being a bad driver.
The bizarre incident, which was captured on video, opens with the driver seething because he has impaled his Audi A8’s front end on a sidewalk railing somewhere in Spain, Carbuzz reports.
It appears to be a fairly minor accident.
But instead of waiting for a tow truck driver to come and get everyone out unharmed, the driver goes completely bonkers, melting his tires, jumping on the roof of the car, smashing the sunroof and then bashing the windshield in.
Then he gets back behind the wheel and starts all over again while his friends look on in helpless alarm.
Watch the video, below, for a textbook demonstration of how not to behave after an accident.

  • Audi A8 driver destroys his own car <br>in a fit of rage

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