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Aston Martin reveals DBX SUV in China

Slated to be shown for the first time next week on Beijing, the Aston Martin DBX’s interior delivers class-leading interior space and a range of luxurious materials.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca November 13, 2019
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With the global unveil of the company’s first SUV set for next week in Beijing, Aston Martin has released the first image showcasing the finely crafted cabin of the Aston Martin DBX.

Furthermore, the landmark model’s recommended retail price has been confirmed at (US) $189,900.

Combining the results of intensive customer research and Aston Martin’s expertise in hand-crafted interiors, DBX has been designed inside out to ensure owners feel instantly at home from the moment they enter the spacious cabin.

More than six months were spent solely focused on defining the position of the driver within the vehicle, with enough movement in the driver’s seat and steering column to allow clear visibility of all controls, screens and through windows.

Crucially, the seating position also delivers a clear view of the hood to give confidence when in tight proximity to other cars.
While the driver has been placed at the forefront of DBX’s interior philosophy, key details throughout have been carefully considered to ensure the model delivers on all elements of the design team’s initial brief.

Into the broad sweep of dash board the new TFT screens are integrated seamlessly, so that, despite their impressive size, the technology doesn’t interrupt the elegant overall flow of the interior design.

Cabin storage, a necessity in an SUV, can also be difficult to incorporate harmoniously, but in DBX, Aston Martin’s designers have managed to create one of the interior’s standout features – a bridged centre console – creating an elegant, floating aesthetic that offers storage space below for larger items such as a handbag or large 1.5-litre water bottles.

Aston Martin DBX