Aston Adds On Her Majesty's Secret Service Special DBS

For the OHMSS DBS, Aston has brought back the olive green paint of 1969.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams May 23, 2019

It’s not the best-loved of the James Bond franchise, but that doesn’t mean that Aston Martin has forgotten about it. The company’s latest special edition celebrates 50 years of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The 1969 film was the first and only to star George Lazenby. Sean Connery’s tuxedo was a big one to fill, and Lazenby wouldn’t be back for a second film. The movie isn’t the most popular in the franchise, but it may be the one where Bond shows the most depth. Having an actual relationship with the female lead.

The On Her Majesty’s Secret Service DBS Superleggera has a name far too long to fit onto a bootlid badge, but will likely prove far more popular than the movie. It’s a tribute to the 1969 DBS used on screen. Which forgets completely that in the book Bond was decidedly a Bentley man.

This isn’t the gadget-packed DB5 continuation, but that means that it can actually be driven on the road.

It starts with a standard DBS Superleggera. With a twin-turbo V12 and 715 hp versus the 280 hp DBS of 1969.

For the OHMSS DBS, Aston has brought back the olive green paint of 1969. It’s not often that vintage shades work well on modern cars, but this one is definitely a stunner.



The car gets a carbon splitter and carbon aero blade. That’s the tiny spoiler on the rear deck. For the OHMSS cars, the roof is body coloured. The front fender strakes wear an “OHMSS Edition” badge (we said the full name wouldn’t fit). Aston has given the car a new shiny metal grille that’s meant to replicate the original classic DBS.

There are 007 badges and logos on the door sills, and also on the compartment between the seats. That interior is trimmed in black leather and grey Alcantara, again a callout to the original car. The accent trim is in red, inspired by the glovebox of the movie car, where Bond kept his rifle.

The 50 owners of this special will be able to option up a bespoke drinks case that’s designed to fit into the boot. The metal clasp opens on a red felt lined interior with space for two bottles of champagne and four flutes.

There will be 50 of the OHMSS 50th Anniversary DBS Superleggeras. Prices from £300,007, with deliveries starting the last quarter of this year.