• Apex AP-0

Apex AP-0 is an All-Carbon, Semi-Autonomous Electric Supercar

Apex says the car is already highly advanced and in order to make it futureproof when Level 4 Autonomy is safely achievable.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 16, 2020

If you were worried that the rise of EVs would mean fewer boutique sports cars, you can stop. It actually seems to be boosting those figures, thanks to the appeal to high-tech, high-dollar buyers, and because they don’t need extensive emissions validations of the cost of designing and building a bespoke engine. The latest is the Apex AP-0, a 650 hp lightweight with LiDAR sensors and Formula 1-inspired engineering.

Apex Motors might not have the best SEO, but they aren’t exactly new to the automotive scene. A few years back, the Hong Kong-based automaker revealed the AP-1, an ultralight based on a U.K.-built Elemental RP1 that used a choice of tuned Ford Ecoboost small engines to provide motive power.

This one will also be built in the U.K., in volumed up to 500 per year, but it’s a more bespoke chassis. It’s all carbon fibre for the tub, as well as for the bodywork that’s shaped like there are some clear Koenigsegg inspirations on the part of the stylists.

Thanks to the extensive use of carbon, even with a 90 kW battery pack offering a 515 km (WLTP) estimated range mounted in the floor, Apex says that the AP-0 tips the scales at just 1,200 kg. That lets the rear-driver rocket to 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds and it tops out at just over 300 km/h.

Apex AP-0

Apex AP-0

That fin behind the teardrop roof is taken from Formula 1 car styling and improves the aerodynamics of the car. The team’s aero work includes a flat floor underneath and uses ground effect to cancel out the need for a rear spoiler or wing. Like those open-wheel cars, it uses an inboard pushrod suspension that optimizes weight distribution and improves aero. It also has automatic ride height adjustment, and the car uses carbon-ceramic disc brakes.

Apex says it’s track-ready, aimed at drivers, and that the company is planning a new FIA-approved track and racing academy close to Hong Kong. It also has an augmented reality display and racing instructor to teach you the proper way around racetracks. They didn’t show the system, but we expect something that looks like what you’d find in your typical racing game. The car has just 95 mm of ground clearance, and it has a Formula 1-like laid-back driving position, putting you as close to the road as you’ll likely get in any road car.

Apex AP-0

The AP-0 will also be Level 3 autonomous capable, thanks to an integrated LiDAR system, mapping software, sensors, and quick computer processors. Currently, that lets them use driver assistance like emergency braking, dynamic navigation, and other self-driving features. Apex says the car is “already highly advanced and in order to make it futureproof when Level 4 Autonomy is safely achievable.”