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Angry moose does a number on an RCMP Cruiser

Funny looking styrofoam moose might be funny when they play with a sideways Toyota, but they are less hospitable when something ticks them off.

An average male moose weighs somewhere around 550 kg and they have a temper to match. Prince George, B.C. RCMP officer Craig Douglass saw a male and female moose crossing the street while he was working on a report. When he saw a vehicle approaching, he thought it wise to put his cruiser between traffic and the large couple.

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The male had other thoughts and went into attack mode, stomping on the cruiser. The animal broke the front grille, before climbing over the hood and onto the roof, where it began to kick and scrape. At one point, one hoof slid off the roof and came through the driver`s window, hitting the officer in the shoulder. Bullwinkle and his Misses apparently took off into the woods once he settled down.

As the Prince George RCMP remind us, wild animals are wild. Stay away!

  • Angry moose does a number on an RCMP Cruiser

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