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Angry fans toilet-paper Mario Balotelli's Ferrari

Fans exact two-ply revenge when snubbed by AC Milan favourite

Controversial AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli is amazing on the pitch.

It’s when he steps off the pitch that things get a little spotty.

He’s made headlines for his troubles with everyone from his girlfriends to his fans, the latest incident taking place in Switzerland.

Balotelli was in Lugano on Thursday night when he was asked by fans to have his photo taken and to sign autographs, according to Football Italia.

He refused their requests and left the parking lot.

The jilted fans waited until he was gone, then exacted their revenge: they wrapped his car, a  $380,000 cherry red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, in toilet paper.

The pranksters were long gone by the time Balotelli returned, but the message was clear — and also reminiscent of other latrine-themed pranks that have been played on the striker.

Earlier this year, angry fans despoiled his camouflage Bentley while he was playing for Manchester City. A Man U fan was pictured relieving himself on it while another rubbed his bare backside on the rear window.

  • Angry fans toilet-paper Mario Balotelli's Ferrari
  • Angry fans toilet-paper Mario Balotelli's Ferrari

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