All-new Corvette Stingray spotted roaming the desert

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Now that the C7 Corvette Stingray, has been properly revealed in Detroit, the field engineers are able to actually get out and drive the things on the road without camouflage.

At the show, Chevy only had two cars on display. A red one that was on stage with all of the previous models and a dark grey one that would have looked great if it had actually been parked in the light. Instead, it was in a sea of shadow, that did not make for very appealing photos.

Sharp-eyed YouTube user yh8life spotted a pair of 2014 ‘Vettes on the Apache Trail in Southern Arizona. There is no exciting news here except that now we can see what the Stingray looks like in black and a stunning deep blue.

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  • All-new Corvette Stingray spotted roaming the desert

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