• Cadillac Escalade Pricing

All-New Cadillac Escalade Starts Under $90,000

That's for the Luxury trim level of the short wheelbase Escalade.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams May 11, 2020

Cadillac has just priced the upcoming 2021 Escalade SUV for Canada. It’ll come as little surprise that with a new 38-inch standard screen, augmented reality navigation, and an AKG audio system as standard, plus more space and an independent rear suspension, that it will cost more than last year. The surprise may well be that it’ll start for under $90,000,just $2,100 more.

That’s for the Luxury trim level of the short wheelbase Escalade. The entry-level ‘Lade starts for $89,798 and gets all that stuff we mentioned up top as standard and a 19-speaker audio system with Conversation Enhancement system to help third row and front seat passengers have a conversation. That curved OLED screen Cadillac calls an industry first, and we can’t think of another vehicle that has screens approaching that total amount of real estate. Maybe Porsche’s Taycan, but it uses five different screens scattered everywhere, and that’s far from as impressive.

With an independent rear suspension freeing up space, as well as a much longer wheelbase and overall length, the new Escalade will offer 41 percent more legroom and 68 percent more cargo space behind the third row. That should be enough to transform it from “if we have to” to “sure, we’ll sit back there.”

Cadillac Escalade Pricing

Cadillac Escalade Pricing

The ESV model, the long-wheelbase one, will start from $93,298, again up $2,100 from the old one. All in, it will offer more than 4,020L of cargo space behind the first row of seats, up 19 percent from last year. When it comes to space in your luxury SUV, this one’s the champ.

For this latest generation, the Escalade will follow Cadillac’s new Y trim strategy, which starts with Luxury as the base, then splits off to Premium Luxury and Premium Luxury Platinum on one side and Sport and Sport Platinum on the other branch of the Y. Sport versions usually come with their own specific trim details, like black exterior bright bits and carbon fibre inside, and some hardware changes to make them a little more sporting (and firmer riding) than the Luxury models.

Pricing wasn’t provided, but we did get a look at the options list for the Escalade, including nine available interior colour and trim combos and a rear-seat entertainment option with massive 12.6-inch displays and Android mirroring plus the ability to let passengers interact with the vehicle nav system. A 36-speaker AKG Studio Reference system can be had with separate volume control for the front passengers.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise will be available for hands-free driver assistance and lane-changes on demand. An adaptive air suspension option will come with added ride comfort and height adjustment of up to 4.0-inches for easier entry/exit, self-levelling for towing, and more ground clearance off-road. Cadillac will be bringing the Duramax 3.0L turbodiesel to the Escalade as well.

The 2021 Escalade is available to order now at your local dealer, and it’s set to start to arrive here in the fall. Production is expected to start next month at GM’s plant in Texas.